Group of Kids Stung in Felicita Park

The owner of the summer program that organized the field trip said the insects were yellow jackets.

Children playing in a county park Monday were stung by what were believed to be wasps or insects, Escondido firefighters said. 

Five children between the ages of 6 and 8 years old and two adults were stung, a fire captain told NBC 7. 

A group of about 20 people was on a trail in Felicita Park just before 11 a.m. when the group was stung. 

The insects were described as a swarm of wasps or yellow jackets. Firefighters told NBC 7 that the injuries didn't look like bee stings.

The children were taking part in a summer program called "A Place of Our Own." The owner of the program described the insects as yellow jackets. 

There were a total of 12 stings. No one was taken from the park for additional medical assistance, firefighters said.  

Staff members take children on field trips to local parks as part of the summer program. 

The owner said none of the children want to go back to the park. 

Felicita Park is a San Diego County park located on Clarence Lane. It's popular for families looking for playgrounds and other types of outdoor space to hold picnics or parties. 

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