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Injuries Avoided in Bizzare Crash in Mira Mesa

A car with two people inside tumbled out of control down an embankment and landed right on top of another car parked below.

The 19-year-old driver of a Silver Nissan 350Z told NBC 7 he lost control while turning left on Mira Mesa Boulevard, jumped the curb and tumbled down the embankment. His coupe landed on top of a Hyundai Accent parked in a lot in back of a building on Waples Street.

A tow truck had to lift the back end of the Nissan into the air as another truck pulled the Hyundai out from underneath it.

The driver and his 19-year-old passenger, who were carpooling home at the time of the crash, say they’re lucky they weren’t hurt. That’s because the Nissan narrowly missed two trees on its way down the hill. Also potentially saving them from injury was the Hyundai’s presence below – the Hyundai cushioned the Nissan’s landing and prevented it from falling some four or five feet off a ledge.

The owner of the Hyundai said she experienced a little bit of luck , too. She told NBC 7 he had just returned to work from lunch five minutes before his car was crushed.

She was seen reaching into her car to grab a prayer card she said was given to her by her mother.

A nearby business owner was one of the first to rush out to the scene.

“I'm sure they were in shock. I didn't get too involved in talking to them personally, but it was, they looked to be alert and it was more about keeping them in their car until paramedics came by and see what to do next,” he said.

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