Injured Soldier Receives New Home

Army Sgt. 1st Class Jacque Keeslar was injured by a roadside bomb in Irag in 2006 and lost both of his legs.

Wednesday night inside a conference room at the Embassy Suites in Temecula, Jacque and his wife Vanessa began planning their new life, while scenes from their pain-filled past flashed by on a projector screen. Memories of Keeslar in the hospital after his injury, in physical therapy and learning how to live with prosthetic legs.

Currently living in Washington D.C., the Keeslars are visiting Fallbrook this week to pick out the site for their new home, courtesy of the non-profit group, Homes for Our Troops, according to our media partner the North County Times.

"There have been a lot of challenges," said Keeslar. "They don't stop coming. When I got blown up, I didn't know anything--what I wanted to do, or how I was going to get there."

Now, Keeslar works in the Army's "Warrior Care and Transition" office. He will be transferring to San Diego this year.

Keeslar said he is looking forward to living in a house specifically planned for his needs.

Read the full article on the North County Times website, Injured soldier to receive new home in Fallbrook.

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