Increased Pay for Substitute Teachers in CVESD

The Chula Vista Elementary School District hopes to recruit more substitute teachers by paying them more

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If you've ever thought about being a substitute teacher, there is now more incentive.

The need for substitute teachers is not a new problem. It goes back to before the pandemic. But if you look at the employment situation in stores and restaurants, trying to find people to hire, it is the same in schools, said the spokesperson for the Chula Vista Elementary School District Anthony Millican. 

“We are in desperate need of substitute teachers, just like many districts in the state of California,” said Millican. “It’s been an ongoing concern, not only for our district but school districts up and down the state.”

To remain competitive, at an emergency school board meeting Wednesday night, the board voted to increase the pay for substitute teachers.

For regular substitutes who fill in on more of a short-term basis, the pay increased from $122 to $200 a day. For long-term substitutes, who can fill in for weeks or even months, the pay increased from $180 to $283 a day. In a new position, site substitutes who work daily at a specific site to fill in gaps as needed, the pay is $283 a day.

To be a regular day-to-day sub, one does not need a teaching credential, but one does need a college degree. In this case, the person cannot substitute for more than 30 days for any one teacher or classroom during the school year. 

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