San Diego

Incoming Heat Wave Forces Weekend Closure of Three Sisters and Cedar Creek Falls

The Cleveland National Forest has implemented an emergency closure for Three Sisters and Cedar Creek Falls for this weekend due to an expected heat wave.

The two popular hiking destinations will be closed from Thursday to Monday due to “considerable public health and safety concerns,” the forest said on Facebook.

Come Monday, the National Forest Service will reassess the trails and determine of conditions are safe enough for recreational visitors.

The hiking trail near Julian is strenuous with direct sunlight covering much of the route, which can present dangerous and even deadly consequences for humans and animals.

Emergency responders all too familiar with the dangers of the trail say it can be deceiving — especially for hikers unprepared for the steep return from the falls back up to the parking lot.

An Excessive Heat Watch was issued by the National Weather Service in San Diego and will stay in effect from Friday morning until Saturday evening.

In those two days, elevated temperatures and high humidity can create dangerous situations where heat-related illnesses are common.

San Diego's valleys are expected to be between 102 and 107 degrees. Temperatures around the coast will be anywhere from 85-95 degrees and mountains will see temperatures up to 105 degrees.

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