In Trump University Case, Donald Trump's Attorneys Argue No Trial is Needed

According to newly-filed court documents, Trump’s attorney claims not enough “undisputed facts” have been submitted

There is no need for a trial now; that’s what Donald Trump’s California-based legal teams have told the U.S. District Court in San Diego, hearing a federal class-action lawsuit against Trump University.

Two different lawsuits allege Trump’s school engaged in deceptive practices and scammed thousands of students who enrolled in response to claims the school would make them rich in the real estate market.

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According to the newly-filed court documents, Trump’s attorney claims enough “undisputed facts” have been submitted so the “causes of action” in the case can be decided. In the documents, they are asking for either a full or partial summary judgment.

U.S. Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel is set to consider this request at a July 8 hearing in San Diego.

In the documents, under the heading of “Undisputed Fact,” the Trump’s attorney lists dozens of reason why the GOP Presidential candidate is innocent of the allegations. Many of the “undisputed facts” tie to Trump’s testimony taken during a deposition for the case.

Among the facts, provided by the attorney:

  • Trump cares about the image of the Trump brand, which symbolizes, “high quality, excellence and luxury."
  • Trump works hard to make sure “his brand maintains its image,” but, according to the court documents, this doesn’t mean he personally manages “all business operations of the Trump Organization.”
  • Trump’s motivation for the school was to “impart to students the practical lessons about real estate investing” Trump learned “the hard way.”

According to court documents, the idea for Trump University was brought to Trump by Michael Sexton to provide educational training products through the internet. Trump liked the idea, a way to empower people, the filings explain. Sexton was “at all relevant times” the President of Trump University and in charge of operations, according to the court documents.

The documents detail how Trump was involved in the creation of “goals and expectations” for the school and approving the curricula and was. Trump was “personally involved in hiring decisions” of instructors and mentors and had no role in ”evaluating whether the marketing materials were legally compliant,” according to the court documents. He depended on Trump University's counsel and compliance team “to review marketing materials” for legality.

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