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In Case You Missed It: San Diego Weekend News Digest for Saturday, Dec. 15

Five talked about stories from the previous week

To help make sure you stay informed on the most shared and talked about stories in San Diego County, each Saturday we'll revisit five stories from the previous week and capsulize them in this digest with the most recent updates.

300 Take Option for Early Retirement From Sweetwater Union High School District: Teachers Union

A San Diego-area school district is struggling to revise a budget that's estimated to be $30 million in debt by the end of the 2018-2019 school year. The teachers union is working with the district in offering early retirement options for some of its members. On Thursday, Artie Ojeda reported that 300 district employees have agreed to the early retirement, including nearly 100 teachers that may leave the classroom by the end of the month.

The retirement could save millions for the cash-strapped district. NBC 7's Artie Ojeda has the details.

Trashed Trash Cans Frustrate San Diego Residents

Did you know, hundreds of trash containers get dropped into trash trucks every year leaving residents forced to buy new ones? Consumer Bob talked with San Diego’s Environmental Services Department about the average lifespan for that trash container you use every week.

The lifespan for trash containers is not forever, and it's important to stay on top of damaged bins. NBC 7's Consumer Bob has more.

Flooding Wipes Out Man's Pilates Studio and Connected Apartment

A gutter failed and stormwater roared down B Street, flooding the home and pilates studio owned by Bruno Bosardi. Water filled the rooms and caused thousands of dollars in damage. “It got this high!” Bosardi told NBC 7's Omari Fleming, pointing to a line on the cabinet about 5 feet off the ground. “It was up to here.” See just one of the stories involving storm damage we covered this week.

The studio owner is upset with the damage but says he's lucky to be alive. NBC 7's Omari Fleming has the story.

Almost Half of All Women Killed in US Were Killed by Their Partner: Report

An in-depth analysis of a decade of killings of women in 47 major U.S. cities, including San Diego, reveals that almost half those women were murdered by an intimate partner. A closer look at homicide data in San Diego and four other cities found that 36 percent of the men accused of those deaths were publicly known to be a potential threat to their partner before the fatal attack. Here's Mark Mullen's report. 

The Washington Post's new report highlights the domestic violence problem plaguing San Diego. NBC 7's Mark Mullen has more.

Lead in Your Water Lines? City of San Diego Says It Doesn't Know

Our investigative team produced a startling piece this week about the pipes used to move water through the city of San Diego. NBC 7 Investigates and Voice of San Diego found the city does not know the material used in two-thirds of all water service lines in the city. The city was required to provide the data after a state law was passed last year. However, as Tom Jones reports, the city is still working to be in compliance with that law. 

Pearl Harbor Veteran Ray Chavez Mourned in San Diego

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