In Case You Missed It: San Diego Good News for Sunday, September 1

Five "good news" stories from this week include new tech could help predict quakes, local teen breaks Reggie Bush's record and umpires prove they DO have hearts.

To help make sure you stay informed, each Sunday we revisit five "good news" stories from the previous week and capsulize them in this digest. 

1. New Tech Could Help Scientists Predict Earthquakes

Scientists are utilizing new technology that allows them to study millions of small earthquakes in hopes of being able to predict the next big one. The study comes out of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. It shows how advancing computer technology is now able to read 10 times the number of earthquakes previously recorded. NBC 7's Danica McAdam talks with local geology expert Pat Abbott in this report.

NBC 7's Danica McAdam has the story.

2. Cal Fire Video Shows Power of Fire Retardant Drops

The red substance cascading down to the ground from an airplane may appear like a cloud of smoke but a video posted by Cal Fire shows how dangerous it can be. If you haven't seen the clip yet, it's worth the time.

3. New Vietnamese-American Art Installations Unveiled in Little Saigon

We love to celebrate public art and here's a great example. Two art installations were recently completed for Little Saigon Stories, a community-based arts program showcasing San Diego's Vietnamese-American community. The art includes a parking lot-sized mural now on display at a market on El Cajon Boulevard.

The community arts program showcases San Diego's Vietnamese-American community.

4. MLB Umpires Visit Patients at Rady Children's Hospital

These umpires brought their A-game when they stopped by the children's hospital to spend some time with patients and their families. Even the most disagreeable baseball fan has to admit these umps have hearts. 

5. Helix High Running Back Breaks Reggie Bush's High School Record

It’s not often you get a chance to break a record held by a Heisman Trophy winner. Elelyon Noa got the opportunity and did not pass it up. NBC 7's Derek Togerson was there.

NBC 7's Derek Togerson reports from Helix High School minutes before opening kickoff.
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