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In Case You Missed It: San Diego Good News for Sunday, March 8, 2020

Five local news stories from the previous week

Left: 7-Eleven

To help make sure you stay informed on stories in San Diego County, each Sunday we revisit five "good news" stories from the previous week and capsulize them in this digest.

  1. UC San Diego Internship Offers Adults With Autism Experience in Tech Field

Adults who are on the autism spectrum will have the chance to participate in the Power of NeuroGaming Center Summer Internship designed to help them succeed in the tech field.

The 8-week program that will combine digital arts, neuroscience, cognitive science, and education to develop interactive video games and tools. The program is seeking 25 individuals who will work with coaches and clients during the internship.

The deadline for PoNG is March 15. Anyone who is interested in applying for the program can click here. NBC 7's Audra Stafford has more.

NBC 7's Audra Stafford explains how a unique program at UC San Diego is helping adults with autism prepare for jobs.

2. Normal Heights Concept 7-Eleven to Feature Taco Shop, Fro-Yo, Craft Beer

Think Taco Bell “Cantina” but the 7-Eleven version. That’s what is coming to Normal Heights in 2020, 7-Eleven announced.

Not only will it be a craft beer, taco shop, fro-yo combo store, but it will serve as a testing ground for the company’s latest innovations.

The Normal Heights spot will be located at 3504 El Cajon Blvd., conveniently halfway between Interstate 805 and 15. 7-Eleven did not release an exact opening date, but did say it would "open in the coming months."

3. Teaching With Trout: Students Escort Their Fish to Lake Miramar

They raised them, they named them, then they let them go into an unknown world full of hope and danger.

For the last eight weeks, Belle Basa, third-grade class at Glen View Elementary School in Escondido nurtured rainbow trout eggs into young fish.

And on Wednesday, the students scooped the trout out of their classroom fish tank and escorted them to Lake Miramar. NBC 7's Joe Little was there for the release.

Glen View Elementary School students nurished raninbow trout eggs into young eggs then released them at Miramar Lake.

4. San Diego Woman Celebrates 107th Birthday

Gwen Bucher gets a pass.

She sat asleep in her chair as guests arrived for her birthday party. Her 107th birthday party.

Bucher perked up after a staff member at Casa de las Campanas nudged her awake as the last guest arrived. It was time for the cake! NBC 7's Joe Little spoke with the birthday girl.

NBC 7's Joe Little was at the party for a woman who was celebrating her 107th birthday.

5 ‘To Change the World’: Girl, 8, Has an IQ of 162, Hopes to Become Astronaut

“I want to be an astronaut to change the world.”

That is what 8-year-old Adhara Pérez Sánchez hopes to become once she’s older. She is currently attending Universidad CNCI, a university in Mexico, and is studying systems engineering and mathematics.

According to tests conducted since she was four years old, Adhara was found to have an IQ of 162, her mother Nayeli Sánchez told Telemundo 20.

Adhara has been to NASA's Johnson Space Center in Texas and was invited to study astronomy at the University of Arizona.

She is about to publish a book and hopes to work at NASA and travel to Mars.

Adhara Sánchez
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