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In Case You Missed It: San Diego Good News for Sunday, July 14

Instead of our regular feature looking at five 'good news' stories from the previous week, we share our preview for Comic-Con 2019!

To help make sure you stay informed, each Sunday we revisit five stories from the previous week and capsulize them in this digest. Today's collection highlights our coverage of the upcoming Comic-Con 2019! Locals, brace yourself for the invasion (and find out how you can have fun outside of the convention center)! 

1. Things to Do Without a Badge at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Let's face it. Each year it gets increasingly difficult to secure the coveted San Diego Comic-Con badge. But there's good news, superhero apprentices! During SDCC, the Gaslamp Quarter becomes a wonder-filled arena of immersive experiences, events and photo-ops to coincide with the convention -- and many don’t require a badge. Here are just a few ways to celebrate your fandom in San Diego without a ticket to the main event.

2. Top 10 Super Panels Expected at This Year's Comic-Con

The four-day event, from July 18 to July 21, 2019, is stacked with guests and panels from top movies and shows. Segments from Marvel Studios, "Game of Thrones," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and so on, will keep guests on the edge of their seats the entire weekend.

Celebrities to Expect at Comic-Con 2019 in San Diego

3. Getting Around: Scooters Not Allowed on Harbor Drive

The area surrounding the San Diego Convention Center will become "Comic-Con pass holders only" during the annual pop-culture convention again this year -- meaning cars, scooters and other mobility devices will not be allowed. Read up on how to get from there to here in this overview.

One of the world’s largest pop culture conventions means traffic in San Diego. Here’s what you need to know about closures near the convention center.

4. Comic-Con 2019-Themed Food & Drinks Available in San Diego

Capes, costumes and masks are expected as thousands arrive in San Diego for the special convention so some businesses have crafted special cocktails and treats with a Comic-Con vibe. See what we're talking about here. 

[2019 G] San Diego Restaurants Whip Up Comic-Con-Themed Food u0026 Drinks

5. San Diego Cat Cafe to Offer Respite from Comic-Con Crowds

The Cat Café invites patrons to “get away from the chaos of Comic-Con” with these laid-back, by-reservation-only escapes to kitty paradise. "People can get away, chill, and relax in the AC with friendly cats," the owner said. "We call it 'purr-rapy' or 'purr-therapy.' Petting a cat really destresses you."

Free or Cheap Things to Do in San Diego

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