In Case You Missed It: San Diego Good News for Sunday, Dec.23

Five 'good news' stories from the previous week

To help make sure you stay informed, each Sunday we'll revisit five stories from the previous week and capsulize them in this digest with the most recent updates.

Today's collection highlights some of the positive news events that happened this week. 

1. San Diego Minimum Wage Increases on January 1, 2019 

If you're a worker on minimum wage, this was great news. The third and final phase of the minimum wage increase approved in 2016 for businesses within the limits of the city of San Diego takes effect on Jan. 1. The increase will make the minimum wage $12 an hour for certain workers in our region. 

2. 'Thank the Lord I'm OK': Boy Hit by Car While Looking at Holiday Lights Is Released From Hospital

Caleb De Leon, 7, was released from the hospital after he was struck by a car while looking at holiday lights in Ocean Beach. The family and the little boy were grateful he suffered only a broken bone. His father spoke with NBC 7 and told us that while they waited for medical help, he told his son, 'You're amazing, you're a champion, you're going to get through this.'"

NBC 7's Erika Cervantes spoke to the boy and his father about his story of incredible bravery.

3. Chula Vista is 3rd-Safest City in State, Among 40 Safest in US: Report

Chula Vista is the third-safest city in California and 39th-safest in the United States, according to a survey released by WalletHub. The department doesn’t have enough officers to quickly respond to all of its calls, or to follow through with investigations, according to CVPD Capt. Phil Collum. He tells NBC 7 the city is working on easing that burden.

Chula Vista was recently named the third safest city in the state and the 39th in the nation from a new report. NBC 7's Joe Little has more.

4. Ramona Truck Gets Holiday Treatment, Lights up the Road

It's not unusual to see someone decorate their car or truck like they do their home around Christmas. What's unusual about this truck owner is that he used 2,600 lights to get the job done. The owner, Tony Wilson, talked with NBC 7 about why he goes "all out" for the holidays.

2013: The seventh iteration of Wilson's truck-lights combo.

5. Ugly Christmas Sweaters: 2018 Styles

Keeping with the holiday theme, we brought you a look at some of the strangest and "ugliest" sweaters just in time for the holidays. Everything from the "Santa Bod" to the Dinosaur "Front to Back." Haven't bought a sweater yet? Check out these options.

NBC 7's Monica Garske speaks with David Moye, weird news correspondent for HuffPost, about the "ugly Christmas sweater" styles on the market this season. Moye also explains where the holiday trend may be headed.
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