In Case You Missed It: San Diego Good News for Sunday, April 3

Five 'good news' stories from the previous week

To help make sure you stay informed, each Sunday we'll revisit five stories from the previous week and capsulize them in this digest with the most recent updates.

Today's collection highlights some of the positive news events that happened this week. 

1. Plan Brewing for Mecca of Beer Museums in San Diego

San Diego knows beer, and that's why a group of hop heads is making plans to bring what they're calling the mecca of beer museums to San Diego. While plans haven't been solidified on exactly where this beer haven will land, the founders are focusing their sights on the East Village. The group plans to build the museum in America's Hoppiest City by 2020. 

NBC 7's Omari Fleming shares plans for a beer super museum planned for San Diego's East Village.

2. More Acts Announced for Humphreys Concerts by the Bay

Humphreys Concerts by the Bay had already released an amazing lineup for their 2019 concert series -- Willie Nelson and Violent Femmes, just to name a few. But now, they've released the full lineup and to say it'll be hard to choose just one show to attend is an understatement. Check out SoundDiego for the full lineup, which includes the Animals, Alanis Morissette, and -- not one -- two nights of the Beach Boys. 

3. County Awarded $2.5M to Monitor Portside Air Pollution

Portside communities -- neighborhoods like Barrio Logan and parts of National City -- will have their air routinely checked thanks to a multi-million dollar grant from the Air Pollution Control District. The goal is to find ways to reduce air pollution in areas vulnerable to pollutants. One idea is to incentivize businesses in the area to switch to different machinery in order to combat emissions. 

4. Airline Holds Trial Flight for Children With Autism

Children with autism got a chance to face to "fly" while firmly on the ground, thanks to American Airlines and the San Diego International Airport. The fast-paced energy of flying can be overwhelming for children with autism, so the airline gave 50 kids the opportunity to test it out through a mock flight. 

The children went through security, headed to their gate, settled into their seats, and buckled up for the "flight." The plane then taxied around the runway, showing the kids it's "Cool to Fly." 

American Airlines’ It’s Cool to Fly program helped a handful of families gear up for a real plane ride by doing a trial run. NBC 7's Brittany Ford has more on why this program is helpful for children who have autism.

5. Today is National Beer Day: Here's Where to Go

You can never have too many beer stories, right? Since it's National Beer Day, we want to give you a look at some of the best places in the craft brew capital of the world to find some suds. 

"San Diego is probably one of the best places to celebrate National Beer Day," said Paige McWey Acers, executive director of the San Diego Brewers Guild. "Fans have so many options to choose from when it comes to getting delicious, innovative, locally-made beer."

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