In Cahoots Releases Releases 58 Balloons, Raise Funds for Vegas Shooting Victims' Families

Hundreds of people held a moment of silence at In Cahoots in Mission Valley Sunday night to remember the victims, both in San Diego and everywhere else, of last Sunday’s deadly shooting in Las Vegas.

The restaurant released 58 balloons into the air, one for each innocent life lost and used the evening to also raise thousands of dollars to support the victims’ families.

About 400 people showed up to the restaurant, which general manager Gary Martin considers the home of country in San Diego.

Martin, along with other managers, decided to get together to figure out how they could shed light in this time of darkness.

They decided to celebrate and bring together strangers – all to raise funds for the San Diego families affected.

He said since they opened their doors at 11 a.m. it's been a nonstop outpouring of support.

"It touches my heart with the amount of people that are in there right now,” Martin told NBC 7. “Normally on a Sunday night, we would be lucky to have 30 people in there. Now we have close to 400. It's just a rally cry showing that our San Diego is country strong.”

The proceeds will go to the Clark County Vegas Victim's fund as well as to families in need in San Diego.

For 11 minutes Sunday evening, 51 Las Vegas hotels and lights along the Strip dimmed their lights to honor the victims and heroes of the tragedy.

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