Images: Wedding Dresses Lay Limp

Hundreds of wedding dresses and a couple’s dream are destroyed in a freak accident.

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A geyser erupts, a roof collapses -- and suddenly the biggest day in the lives of countless brides are in limbo.
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The bridal horror began Thursday, when a car slammed into a fire hydrant at the intersection of Pacific Heights and Mira Mesa Boulevard -- sending a spectacular geyser shooting onto the top of the flat roof.
Gene Cubbison
"It sounded at first like we were in a car wash or maybe they were washing the windows -- and then there was kind of a loud thud," Isis Bridal Owner Courtney August said.
Suministrada Las Vegas Metro Police
Firefighters are calling it a freak accident.
Dori Spector
August just bought the business with her husband Evan in April. Newlyweds themselves, this was their first big investment as a couple.
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