Images: Series of Pranks on “Cardiff Kook”

All of the costumes that have adorned the so-called "Cardiff Kook" over the years. All in one place!

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The Cardiff Kook was dressed up as San Diego Mayor Bob Filner. The mayor has faced sexual harassment accusations during the last month.
NBC 7 San Diego
The statue was adorned with a cut out of Filner's face, necktie, dress shirt and underwear.
NBC 7 San Diego
Sign posted at the bottom of the Cardiff Kook said, "Big Bobby Fil, Out for a Thrill."
Jerry Mancuso
The statue was decked out with riding hat and silks for the start of the races.
Jerry Mancuso
It's Opening Day at Del Mar and residents know it by looking at the so-called "Cardiff Kook."
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On Dec. 29, pranksters dressed up the famous Cardiff Kook statue as Cookie Monster. Fitting, right?
NBC 7 San Diego
On Dec. 29, pranksters dressed up the famous Cardiff Kook statue as Cookie Monster. Fitting, right?
NBC 7 San Diego
A box of cookies was left at the Kook's base, to truly complete the Cookie Monster theme.
NBC 7 San Diego
On Dec. 29, pranksters dressed up the famous Cardiff Kook statue as Cookie Monster. Fitting, right?
The Cardiff Kook saluted veterans day, dressed as a U.S. Naval on Nov. 11, 2011.
A unique look at 9/11 was given to the Cardiff Kook who was dressed the helmet, with the number 343 on it, representing the number of fire fighters and paramedics lost on 9/11. Below, a sign reads "Never Forget.. United We Stand.
Jerry Mancuso
A hard-hatted Cardiff Kook paid homage to construction workers on Sept. 2, 2011. A white sign hung beneath the statue's surfboard, reading in black, capital letters, "Thanks to those that built America!"
The Kook got what some say is his best costume in a Jurassic Park themed setup on Saturday August 13.
You can barley see the Kook in photos! This was the first time he was dressed up since a local artist cleaned up damage from the statue.
Greg Bledsoe
Artist Matthew Antichevich spent a day fixing damage done to the statue by pranksters.
What happens when the Cardiff Kook combines with the so-called Surfing Madonna??
An apparent protest. Someone dressed the Cardiff Kook in a design similar to the so-called Surfing Madonna of Encinitas July 12.
Greg Bledsoe
Officially named Magic Carpet ride, when the statue first went up, the pose was immediately criticized by the surfing community, and unofficially re-named the Cardiff Kook.
On June 24, the Cardiff Kook paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson drawing quite a crowd all day.
The statue was dressed in a fedora, sunglasses and - most important - a white glove.
Someone added a banner to the late King of Pop who died two years ago this week.
Someone used the Cardiff Kook statue for a bit more than a prank recently. The Kook helped propose marriage on June 11.
In one hand the Kook held an engagement ring.
The Kook also held some flowers.
"Pauline Marry Me?" was the sign the statue held and there was one more surprise to come.
At some point in the day a sign with the words "She Said Yes" was placed near the Kook.
On Sunday, May 8, the Cardiff Kook was dressed up as Osama bin Laden.
Harriet Baker/Facebook
Our favorite area pranksters could let an event like the Royal Wedding of William and Kate pass by without dressing up the Cardiff Kook as part of the celebration. Here, the Royal Kook, appeared on Friday, April 29 as just the latest in a series of looks for the infamous statue.
Danielle Nuzzo
A sign reading "Warrior up" hung over the Encinitas statue's neck on April 9, 2011 with other signs reading "reclaim, recycle, reuse" and "join the conscious movement" placed in the vicinity. The presentation was done overnight and refers to a local campaign asking community members to "warrior up" by following the example of local athletes, such as surfer Ron Machado, who stand for positive social change.
Jerry Mancuso
The Cardiff Kook was dressed as an Aztec on March 23, 2011.
Jerry Mancuso
The Cardiff Kook has a new look, Mardi Gras style. This was captured March 5 in Encinitas.
NBC San Diego
On Valentine's Day, the statue that many love to see in costume was dressed as cupid. It's not the first time...
Telemundo San Antonio
“The Magic Carpet Ride” was unveiled in 2007 at Chesterfield Drive and south Coast Highway in Cardiff. Some said the surfer was striking a pose that's effeminate and said the guy looked like a ballet dancer.
So, some wise guy locals took matters into their own hands and dressed the statue up – in a skirt, bikini top and wrestling mask.
Well, apparently not everyone was happy about the makeover. Two men showed up and would have no more of this fashion show. They stripped off the skirt, bikini and mask, to a few boos from onlookers.
The most notable prank was in July 2010, when a local sculpture made a giant papier-mâché shark that swallowed the statue.
NBC San Diego
The statue has also been dressed as a clown.
Mark Sackett
“It’s so funny,” said Tatiana, a Cardiff resident. “I heard about it and was hoping to make it over here so I could put it on Facebook.”
Flickr / Urban Woodswalker
Somebody gave the Kook a "Halloween" makeover on Oct. 29, 2010.
NBC San Diego
At Christmas 2010, the “kook” was dressed as Santa’s elf, complete with an elf hat, elf shoes and gifts.
NBC San Diego
The statue adorned military fatigues in November for Veteran's Day.
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Perhaps the irony here is that Zorro tends to publicly humiliate his foes. Much like the series of pranks played on the so-called "Cardiff Kook” over the past few months. Have a photo of the Kook? Send images to
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