Images: Homemade Cannon Capable of Launching Drugs into US Seized in Mexico

In these images provided to NBC 7 and Telemundo 20 by PGR Sonora, you can see the cannon seized by officials in Mexico with more than 200 packages of marijuana and nearly 2,000 bullets.

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PGR Sonora
PGR Sonora
Officials in Mexico seized a homemade cannon that they say was capable of launching drugs into the U.S.
PGR Sonora
The massive steel tube was found with a hose and an air compressor, officials said.
PGR Sonora
Here, one official shows how the drugs would be stuffed into the cannon for delivery into the U.S.
PGR Sonora
Authorities in the border state of Sonora, south of Arizona, confiscated a minivan equipped with the cannon and illegal drugs.
PGR Sonora
The images were released on Monday, Nov. 13, 2017.
PGR Sonora
A look at the illegal drugs found with the cannon.
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