“I'm More Optimistic:” SD Councilman on Chargers

Although the Chargers will stay in San Diego through the 2016 season according to a statement  Friday, the team’s future is in question.

Since the Chargers just reached an agreement 'in principle' with the Rams one specific question is what might happen to their current stadium.

“I’m more optimistic now than I’ve been probably in the last seven, eight months, “said City Councilman Scott Sherman whose district encompasses Qualcomm Stadium. “The mayor and the supervisor and Mr. Spanos met together, just the three of them, which is very good. Face to face hasn’t really happened a lot in the past, and it seems like there’s a sincerity on both sides to try and work something out.”

Sherman admitted to NBC 7 that there’s a lot of ‘bad blood’ with the fans, but keeping the Chargers here is important for maintaining San Diego’s world-class city status.

He agreed playing the 2016 season in San Diego could just be a ploy to sell tickets and merchandise, but said, “With the way the situation turned out in LA…the fact that you’d have to be second fiddle to a much bigger name, a much bigger fan base…I think it makes much more sense to come down to San Diego, concentrate on the mega region down here, be loyal to the fans who’ve been there the entire time, which helped build the franchise, and finally, once and for all, over 14 some odd years, get something done.” He said the fans are ready to get something done regarding the stadium.

He explained he thinks Mission Valley makes more sense for the new stadium, but id downtown is part of the equation they will just need guarantees from the team.

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