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‘I'm Grateful for It': 700 San Diego Families in Need Receive Turkeys

National City Vice Mayor Ron Morrison handed out 700 turkeys at the 11th Annual National City Turkey Giveaway

In 2009, then-National City Mayor Ron Morrison discovered about 25 families at a local school needed help buying a turkey for Thanksgiving. He later rallied a few sponsors and is now helping out 700 families in need.

“This is an opportunity where they know this community cares about them,” said current Vice Mayor Ron Morrison.

Friday, with a platoon of volunteers and sponsors, Morrison handed out 700 turkeys at the 11th Annual National City Turkey Giveaway. Among those needing help this year included dozens of U.S. Navy sailors.

“It feels good. I mean, this is new to me. I’ve never experienced anything like this,” said U.S. Navy Sailor SN Ahmad Lacy, stationed at Naval Base San Diego.

Seaman Lacy said he was thankful that people in the community would look out for others, including the military.

“It means a lot,” he concluded.

Morrison said it surprises him every year that so many people need help, but the simple reality is the cost-of-living here makes it difficult for more and more people.

“It’s very, very humbling,” said Maria Martin, a National City woman raising her grandson by herself.

“I’m grateful for it,” she said.

“The last thing you want to do as a parent is let your kids down,” explained Morrison. “This gives an opportunity for those parents to make sure that their kids know that they get the same thing as the kid up the street gets.”

Morrison credited his long-time assistant Josie Flores-Clark for rallying sponsors to contribute to this year’s giveaway.

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