What to Do If You Have Lost Something at the San Diego County Fair

If you lost something at the San Diego County Fair, remember: there is hope!

More than one million people have passed through the fair’s grounds in the past month, and more than a few have probably lost their items along the way.

If you have lost something, call the Fair’s Guest Services Department at (858) 794-1124. If you are calling when the office is closed, leave a detailed message about what you lost and a description.

Fair officials have collected 26 cell phones, 52 pairs of glasses, 36 pieces of jewelry, 68 credits cards, 75 clothing items, 22 wallets, 33 sets of keys, 58 miscellaneous items, one large walker with wheels and one Indian-head sculpture.

Unclaimed items are kept until September 15. After that, they are donated to charity.

The San Diego County Fair has been running since the start of June and will run through Sunday, July 5.

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