Iconic Flower Fields Put on a Show… Online

Coronavirus closes tours to popular Carlsbad destination

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The iconic Flower Fields in Carlsbad may be closed to the public, but you can still get an up-close look at this year’s batch on your phone.

That’s good news for people like John Kidwell, an ambassador at the Flower Fields. To say “he loves the Tecelote Ranunculus” is an understatement.

“The fresh air that goes with the flowers that goes with the color; it’s just so stunning, and right now, because of this cruel virus you can’t come and see it and that is what is so hurtful,” Kidwell said while standing in the fields that usually see thousands of visitors every spring.

“If I was a flower,” Kidwell continued, “I think I would want to be seen and be enjoyed, and you’re not being seen and not being enjoyed but you’re still putting out so much effort.”

The flower ambassador said we just missed the peak, too.  He said the Flower Fields usually shine brightest on Tax Day.

“Go pay your taxes in the morning, be all depressed, come here in the afternoon and just walk around the flower,” Kidwell suggested.

That’s not an option this year, however. Kidwell said the only way to see the flowers in person is from a walkway just east of the Flower Fields along Armada Drive. Otherwise, he suggested you take one of the guided interactive tours online.

“[The flowers] love to be seen, they love to be enjoyed, and right now, we can only do it virtually,” Kidwell said.

Flower Fields executives are taking fans on behind-the-scenes tours and up-close to the flowers by broadcasting live on Instagram and Facebook.  They’ll continue those tours through Mother’s Day, which is usually the end of the season for the Flower Fields.

“This may be Flower Fields in perpetuity, but if they’re not enjoyed, they’re just a bunch of flowers, and the purpose is to enjoy them,” concluded Kidwell.

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