San Diego

‘I Take Responsibility': 53rd District Candidate Responds to Reports of Incorrect Tax Filings

City Council President Georgette Gomez

City Councilmember and 53rd Congressional District candidate Georgette Gomez responded Thursday night to media reports showing errors in recent tax filings, saying an error made by her accountant was to blame.

A report published in the San Diego Union-Tribune said Gomez did not report more than $100,000 of income in 2017 when she was a member of the San Diego City Council.

Gomez said her 2017 returns weren't properly filed, and said she has filed a corrected return and paid taxes owed.

“You may have seen a story about my accountant’s errors on my taxes," Gomez said in a statement. "Like most people, I trusted my accountant to file my taxes accurately and I was shocked to find out that my 2017 returns were not properly filed. My accountant has taken responsibility for the errors. But I, too, take responsibility and I’ve filed a corrected return and paid the back taxes."

Gomez, who represents City Council District 9, is running against fellow Democrat Sara Jacobs for the 53rd District seat.

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