iCan Bike Program Saved by Volunteers

The program gives children with developmental disabilities the opportunity to ride bikes.

40 children can now ride bikes thanks to last minute volunteers.

The program “iCan Bike” hosted by Crimson Treatment and Research Center is a five-day camp that helps children with developmental disabilities learn to independently ride bikes.

The camp concluded Friday at Allient University’s Sol City Athletic Center with an awards ceremony and final bike lessons.

However, this year's program almost did not happen.

Several weeks ago, the program faced a lack of volunteers which would have led the program to be downsized or even canceled.

In a last ditch effort, the program reached out to the community through the press and social media and soon found themselves with over 120 volunteers.

Without the volunteers, the 40 children would have not had this opportunity.

For one mother, her son's success in the program means more to her than him simply being able to bike.

“This gives him the freedom to just go and be by himself and explore the world without having me be right next to him. It gives him freedom,” the mother explained.

Volunteers and staff members are now being recognized with personal certificates from the State of California for their help.

For more information on the iCan Bike program, visit here.

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