Man Kills Wife on Cruise Ship, Gets Life Sentence

After beating his wife to death, McGill cleaned hiimself up and then went to an upper deck to smoke a cigar

A California man killed his wife on a trip meant to kick off their "golden years" together. Now, he'll be spending those years in prison.

Robert McGill apologized for his actions but didn't explain why he killed his wife at his sentencing on Thursday..

McGill was arrested in July 2009 while the Carnival cruise ship Elation was docked in San Diego.

McGill and his wife Shirley were on the final leg of a Cabo San Lucas cruise to celebrate Shirley's recent retirement from the DMV.

After cruise staffers got a report of a domestic dispute between a husband and wife in the McGill's cabin, they found the body of 55-year old Shirley outside the cabin.

McGill pleaded guilty to charges of second degree murder in July saying he had deliberately and intentionally killed his wife.

But during his sentencing, his defense attorney said McGill was a good man who made a horrible mistake after getting drunk.

U.S. Chief District Judge Irma Gonzalez said she didn't buy that excuse noting that after beating his wife to death, McGill cleaned himself up and then went to an upper deck to smoke a cigar.

Robert McGill taught an independent study program in Canoga Park, and had worked for the Los Angeles County Office of Education since 1979.

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