U.S. Rep. Hunter Appears to Point Blame at Wife in Indictment Scandal

Congressman Duncan Hunter seemed to blame his wife, Margaret Hunter, in part for a federal indictment filed Tuesday against him and his wife

Hunter told reporters his wife “was in charge.”

Jason Forge is a former Assistant U.S. Attorney and prosecuted the case against former Congressman Randy Duke Cunningham who went to prison for bribery and other crimes.

“She does seem like she’s kind of the brains behind the operation, but that’s a very qualified phrase when you’re talking about these two. I mean, it’s kind of like a dumb and dumber couple,” Forge said. “She's the dumb and he’s the dumber, so he's calling her for advice on how to do it but it’s pretty poor advice that she's giving him.”

In the indictment Margaret Hunter's name is frequently mentioned. Forge says she definitely seems to be an active part in this, but he also said it appears the couple was in this together.

“She seems to have the answers as to how to get away with it,” Forge told NBC 7.

For example, in the indictment she would advise him to buy personal clothing at a golf shop so he could say the money was spent on golf balls for wounded warriors.

“She does seem to be the person he turns to for advice on how to get away with this, but at least it doesn’t jump out at me that she was in any way, shape, or form forcing him to do this,” said Forge.

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