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Hundreds of ‘COVID-19 Kits' With Essential Supplies Distributed to Families in Barrio Logan

The kits were distributed to working families who are struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic

COVID Kits Distributed in Barrio Logan

More than 300 bags of essential supplies were distributed to working families who are struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic in Barrio Logan.

"This is something we did to give people in our community access to the resources they need to stay safe," said Roberto Alcantar, chief strategy officer of the Chicano Federation of San Diego County.

The distribution took place at the Chicano Federation's Barrio Logan Child Development Center until 2 p.m. Saturday. Each kit included head coverings, a thermometer, disinfectant towels and masks.

Graciela Guerrero was one of the first people to arrive. She said she tries not to leave her home and when she does, she is very cautious.

"I socially distant myself to protect my family, especially because I have a disabled son," added Guerrero, a resident of Barrio Logan who got a kit.

She said her son has special needs and does everything to protect him.

"Because he has cancer and they say it's more likely to affect him," Guerrero said.

According to the Chicano Federation, Latinos and African Americans are the most vulnerable to contracting the virus.

"We've seen that more than 61% of COVID-19 cases have been the Latino community, 45% of the deaths in San Diego County have been Latino. So, this was very intentional to be able to give these resources to the community," Alcantar said.

Others who've overcome the disease said they know it's better to prevent than to mourn.

"It was very, very painful. I had never felt what I felt. It was all over my body. It felt like I had glass in my body," acknowledged Maria Córdova, who overcame COVID-19, and now does everything to take care of herself.

Córdova was asymptomatic and said she never imagined she was infected.

"I never had a cough, had the flu, and I never had breathing problems," Córdova said.

According to the Chicano Federation of San Diego County, due to financial misconduct and not being able to stay home because Hispanics have to work, they are more prone to disease.

"The fact that housing is not accessible and that we have families who have to share an apartment with other families. The fact that our people are more likely to work in places of high risks because they are considered essential workers," Alcantar said.

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