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Hundreds of Bikers Raise Money for Families Dealing with Alzheimer's Disease

More than 200 motorcycle riders took over the roads of San Diego Sunday for the annual “Rides4ALZ,” to help local families dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease. The caravan of motorcycles rode more than a hundred miles to raise money for the non-profit, Alzheimer’s San Diego.

Alzheimer’s San Diego is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to help families affected with demenita.

“It’s mixed feelings because you’re happy to do something good to help find a cure for this awful disease, in the meantime most of us are riding because of someone we love,” said Robin Parker.

Parker is one of the riders, and is motivated by her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Parker says she was shocked when her mom started showing signs of Alzheimer’s.

“We could talk about anything anytime and then I would say things that would make her so mad she’d start screaming at me and I couldn’t figure it out,” said Parker.

Several other riders in the group have loved ones with Alzheimer’s. In San Diego, 84,000 people are living with the disease.

Bikers who participated in the annual Rides4Alz.

“It’s almost impossible to find somebody who hasn’t been impacted by this disease,” said rider Tim Broadhead. “I did with my mother and she passed away from it. I saw we have a lot to do to find a cure.”

The disease deeply affects the patient’s family. Alzheimer’s San Diego is helping to support them with education, social activities and counselling.

“They have great classes for people. They offer hospice care. They offer people to come in and take the load off the family members,” said Parker.

The riders were able to raise more than $150,000 for Alzheimer’s San Diego.

For more information or if you need free Alzheimer’s help visit their website.

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