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Hundreds March in Downtown San Diego to Commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.

The rally was focused on a wide-range of social issues, organizers said

Hundreds of people gathered at City Hall in Downtown San Diego to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. during a march and a rally on Monday.

The group, organized by the National Action Network (NAN), also included members of organized labor and civil rights activists. 

It was focused on a wide-range of social issues, organizers said.

“We’re very concerned about racial profiling by the police. We’re concerned about the homeless people, the way they’re being treated as that they are being kicked away from where they are trying to sleep and establish themselves," said Christina Imhoof from Women Occupied San Diego.

But the march also had a strong focus on the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump and how it may impact civil rights.

NBC 7 spoke to teacher Kesha Borden who said she believes the issues Dr. King fought for in his day are still relevant.

“Today are the things that Martin Luther King marched for 50 years ago. We’re still fighting for worker’s rights, women’s rights, homelessness, poverty, police brutality. We’re fighting for the same things," said Borden.

Some marchers carried signs reading "Black Lives Matter" while others marched for a $15 minimum wage.

Led by Reverend Shane Harris, a group of marchers chanted, "We shall not be moved."

At the end of the march, organizers posted a list of 10-demands on the front door of City Hall that included dropping charges against Robert Branch and redirecting city resources from sport complexes to housing.

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