HS Sports Star Shares Story

Tommy Mallon was a high school sports star.

But in May 2009, the 18-year-old with plans to play college lacrosse was hit during a game, breaking his neck in three places.

That came after two other concussions in basketball and football.

Monday night, Mallon was back at his alma mater, Santa Fe Christian School in Solana Beach.

“I just have some limitations on what I can and can’t do, I can’t go back to contact sports, but I am fit and getting back to my normal self.”

He's sharing his story with current student athletes and parents as part of a presentation led by doctors from Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas.

Together, they're hoping to raise awareness on the symptoms of concussions, how to avoid and treat them.

Michael Lobatz, a neurologist at Scripps Memorial Hospital said, “What we want to make sure with student athletes today is they are properly evaluated by a physician, that they receive proper treatment and they don’t return to play until the concussion completely goes away after.”

Deborah Cappellazo, a mom to four daughters said, “I definitely have a respect as to how severe concussions are and how they can be life changing,”

Mallon, who started his own foundation said using his experience to help others is rewarding.
“I can’t play lacrosse anymore, but you know what? I am living and going to college at USD it's good.”

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