How to Talk Politics With Loved Ones When Differing Opinions May Cause Tension

Setting boundries and having a safe word for when tensions run too high could be beneficial, one relationship expert advised

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We’re a week away from the election and tensions may be high for you and your loved ones if you have differing opinions when it comes to politics. However, there are ways to keep the peace.

NBC 7 spoke with a relationship expert to get some sage advice on how to handle situations that can often lead to heated conversations.

Celebrated relationship expert, life coach and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Tonya Tko explained that it’s important to know yourself and if you are capable of successfully having conversations about politics right now.

Do you find that you get in verbal arguments with people when politics is brought up if someone doesn't agree with you? If so, you may not want to even open that door to talk about politics, she said.

You can, however, agree to disagree and keep conversations only about politics and the issues, not the candidates.

Tko advises that it's important to keep things civil and to refrain from lodging personal attacks. Also, don’t try to change the other person and their opinions, she said.

"If you’re going to be with someone long-term, you’re going to have to discuss politics. Respecting your partner, listening with an open ear without trying to change your partner, and my favorite is a safe word," Tko said. "You can say the safe word. The conversation will end immediately, you two go back to your respective corners, and you’re able to maintain the love and integrity in a relationship.”

It’s also important to set boundaries with your partner when having these conversations.

Have those conversations before politics is even brought up so you know how to successfully navigate when tensions may be high.

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