How to Report, Fix Potholes in San Diego

More potholes started popping up around the city after last week's El Nino storms

Heavy El Nino rains last week unearthed a familiar problem: potholes.

As drivers travel across bumpy roads and notice particularly bad patches, San Diego city officials want to know. The city is reminding residents to access its website or hotline number to advise crews where the potholes are located.

“If we don’t know about it, we can’t fix it,” said city spokesperson Bill Harris.

Harris said since the city went to the current reporting system two years ago, complaints have dropped by the thousands. Once a request is made, he said crews will repair the pothole within 10 days. Not only are they just patching the problem, crews are also repairing the surrounding asphalt.

Also on the city website, users can see by council district exactly where repair crews are working on any given day. It will give you an idea when crews are in your neighborhood.

Click here to access the website or call the hotline at (619) 527-7500.

The outlets are certainly welcome news for drivers who are frustrated with the problem, which has grown in the last week.

“I hit one and it’s like I’m going to need a wheel alignment. It’s all because of the potholes. You can’t avoid them,” said Dinia Nunn of Sabre Springs.

But many drivers remain cynical about the city’s online reporting system. To that, city spokesperson Harris said give it a try.

“You really shouldn’t be cynical about it. I know it’s an unusual thing when you’re not interacting with a person, but trust me on this one. That is an online report form that gets right into the hands of the crews,” said Harris.

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