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How Much Rain Did San Diego County Get in December? Here Are The Numbers

The short answer: More than average but still not enough

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San Diego is used to 72 and sunny year-round but some much-needed rainfall came with several storm systems to sweep the region in December.

This month‘s rainfall totals are about twice above average for most areas this time of year, but even with December‘s heavy rain, San Diego County is still under our yearly rainfall average, according to local data pulled by NBC 7 Meteorologist Sheena Parveen.

In the mountains, we‘re still about a third away from our yearly average, if Palomar Mountain‘s data is any indication.

rainfall totals for December
San Diego's December rainfall totals are higher than average for this month, data shows.

With just a few light, scattered showers expected on the last day of the year, here are December‘s rain totals through Dec. 30:


  • December totals: 5.19”
  • December average: 2.34”
  • Yearly totals: 13.6”
  • Yearly average: 15.48”

Chula Vista:

  • December totals: 2.68”
  • December average: 1.53”
  • Yearly totals: 7.47”
  • Yearly average: 9.15”

El Cajon:

  • December totals: 3.69”
  • December average: 1.76”
  • Yearly totals: 10.3”
  • Yearly average: 11.56”

Oceanside Airport:

  • December totals: 3.69”
  • December average: 1.91”
  • Yearly totals: 10.11”
  • Yearly average: 11.79”

Ramona Airport:

  • December totals: 4.62”
  • December average: 2.00”
  • Yearly totals: 12.16”
  • Yearly average: 14.57”

San Diego International Airport:

  • December totals: 2.58”
  • December average: 1.6”
  • Yearly totals: 7.85”
  • Yearly average: 9.72”

Palomar Mountain Observatory:

  • December totals: 5.18”
  • December average: 4.38”
  • Yearly totals: 17.91”
  • Yearly average: 30.23”

The last week of December has been a rainy – and at times snowy -- one, with back-to-back-to-back storms kicking off the winter season. But the county‘s most destructive storm approached in the last week of fall.

Don‘t worry, San Diego. The rain never lasts for long. The New Year will start with more of that sunshine we know and love.

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