Southern California

How Driving Impact Your Gas Mileage

Saving money on fuel

Complaining about gas mileage may not lower the price at the gas pump but how you drive could increase your mileage.

"Depending on how far you are driving and how often you are filling up can impact your wallet," said Doug Shupe with the Auto Club of Southern California

That's why Shupe says you need to avoid aggressive driving. Speeding and hard breaking can lower your gas mileage.

"If you are speeding you are wasting more fuel," said Shupe, "The faster that car is going, the more fuel you are burning."

You also want to avoid using your roof rack.  Cargo on top of your car increases wind resistance and creates drag that reduces fuel efficiency.

Also you want to take out unnecessary items from your car. A heavy car does not get as good a mileage.

And don't forget to keep yor tires properly inflated. Under-inflated tires result in worse gas mileage.

"A lot of times people only check their tires when they take their vehicles in for a service," said Shupe, "You want to make it a habit."

One last thing, if you don't need premium fuel don't buy it. It is currently 25¢ a gallon more expensive than regular fuel.  Unless your car requires premium, you may be paying too much at the gas pump.

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