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Mother Escapes Carmel Valley House Fire With 2 Sons

Fire crews quickly put out a Carmel Valley house fire Wednesday evening.

The flames broke out around 7:55 p.m. at a home on Shorepoint Way, north of Carmel Mountain Road and east of the I-5/I-805 merge.

When crews arrived, they saw flames coming out of the two-story, single family home and garage.

Lindy Byrne said her mother was walking their dog at the same time and saw the flames shooting out of the home two doors down.

Byrne's mother told her sister to call 911.

“It was going above the house. It looked like it was coming out of the garage, like engulfing the top of the house,” said Byrne. “There was a lot of screaming and banging and crashing from the house that was on fire.”

Fire crews surrounded the home bringing in four engines and 30 firefighters. Within 20 minutes the fire was under control.

Neighbors came out of their homes and were ready to evacuate, packing their cars with essentials.

Byrne told me her family packed their important documents, photo albums, laptops, school supplies. She and her family left in such a hurry she left without a sock and without her shoes.

Still trying to process the flames, she's relieved the family next door was able to get out on time.

“I know she didn't really have time to grab anything from her house so pretty much lost everything. Hopefully, she can get her photos important stuff back but it's gone mostly," said Byrne.

Investigators say the fire started in the garage. The majority of the damage to the home was on the first floor.

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