Hot Weather for the Holiday

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As we head into the holiday weekend, nothing but sunshine and hot weather are hitting all over San Diego County.

North County’s inland communities will reach the upper 90s according to officials at the National Weather Service, while the coast is expected to reach the upper 70s.

If you’re celebrating outside remember to drink water --- not just beer-- and be sure to wear hats, sunscreen and light-colored clothing.

 A cool beverage is a must when you're soaking up in the sun but keep hydrated by drinking plenty of non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverages said officials.

When you’re outdoors avoid strenuous physical activity outdoors and stay in the shade.

Coastal beach weather will be cooler than inland areas, but either way the public is encouraged to stay protected from the sun.

Hot temperatures mean more beachgoers take over San Diego beaches and safety is a concern for lifeguard Larry Giles who spoke to the North County Times.

“Those headed to the beach to stay in shallow water with children who aren’t good swimmers and people should shuffle their feet walking into the water to avoid stepping on stingrays,” said Giles.

California Department of Forestry or Cal Fire will have additiional staff on duty to monitor fires, according to Captain Mike Mohler.

Mohler said for people to barbeque in safe places, resist the urge to set off fireworks and most importantly, celebrate responsibly.

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