Hot Air Balloon Wedding Interrupted by Crash

A San Diego couple's hot air balloon wedding took a turn for the worse when a sudden gust of wind blew their ceremony off course. 

The ceremony for Jonathan and Kerin Narcisse had just finished as the sun set over Rancho Penasquitos Monday evening when wind pushed the balloon near a home.

There were 14 people aboard, including the officiant, aboard the balloon when it went about 1 mile off course, according to balloon company Skysurfer.

WATCH: Raw cell phone video of crash taken from balloon

Windy conditions swung the balloon's basket like a pendulum, forcing the pilot to make a crash landing on a hillside near a Rancho Penasquitos home.

The balloon was less than 10 feet off the ground, but strong wind still managed to push it into a cluster of trees near the home on Avenida Del General and Calle de los Ninos just before 5 p.m., according to the San Diego Fire Department.

"I came out, walked out the front and there it was just hanging over the house," said homeowner Don Myers.

The daughter-in-law of the woman getting married on the balloon told NBC 7 she was filming the wedding when the balloon started to sway. 

Just after 5 p.m, the blue and yellow balloon could be seen partially draped over trees near the home. No one was trapped, but one of the riders had mild injuries. A fire department official confirmed that the hot air balloon was trying to land, but the wind blew it off course. 

One person suffered a minor injury, but authorities on the scene said the person would be okay. 

SDG&E also responded to inspect nearby power-lines for possible contact. No power outages were reported in the neighborhood.  

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident, according to FAA spokesperson Ian Gregor. Inspectors are working to confirm the extent of the damage to the balloon.

The couple was grateful that no one was seriously injured and said it will be a day they remember forever.

"We had a blast," said Jonathan. "It was fun....On our anniversary next year we have to skydive."

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