Honor One Memorial Vehicle Unveiled by San Diego Police to Honor Fallen Police Officers

Police unveiled a brand new car covered in the names of those officers that have died in the line of duty Wednesday.

The vehicle, Honor One, is dedicated to the men and woman that work to keep the community safe, 32 of whom have died during duty.

The car is distinctly marked and will serve as a mobile monument to honor the fallen police officers.

Sean Cicchetto, whose grandfather died in the line of duty in 1987, said he came out to the unveiling because it was important to him to honor those fallen officers. 

"I thought this was just an outstanding idea," Cicchetto said. "We got notified short notice but raced here, make sure I show my boys…I have 5 boys and I want them to be proud of my grandfather especially but all of the guy, all of them, women too."

This mobile memorial was unveiled at the San Diego Police Department Headquarters downtown at 1:00 p.m. Wednesday.

Officials said they hoped the vehicle serves as a reminder that the safety and security of San Diego’s communities come at a cost that is not measured in dollars and cents.

The SDPD and San Diego Police Officers Association also hope to remind the public that officers in the community are more than a uniform but people with names, faces and families.

Honor One was sponsored by local businesses and organizations.

"It’s awesome," Cicchetto said. "This is just, this is just awesome. A brand new vehicle and it looks so good."

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