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Homes on Military Bases Have Mice Infestations, Mold: Report

Homes on Camp Pendleton and other military bases across the country were found to have mice infestations and mold problems, according to a Reuters report.

A letter signed by California Senators Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris asked Department of Defense Secretary James Mattis and the Pentagon to conduct a fact-finding mission into the problems.

Lincoln Military Housing (LMH), a private company that owns and operates housing on military bases, told NBC 7 the report contains inaccuracies and omits important facts.

According to LMH, only 1 percent of the service requests in 2017 were for mold. The company also said that rodent issues are handled quickly with a follow-up.

Brian Lepore with the Government Accountability Office told NBC 7 the agency has already started putting together a housing study.

“We have been directed by the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee to conduct a review of the condition of the military privatized housing,” he said.

Lepore added that the review will give his office a sense of the condition of privatized homes and whether military families are satisfied with them.

The study was authorized in September due in part to a previous Reuters report detailing the discovery of lead paint in 40 Army base homes.

Camp Pendleton referred NBC 7 to the base’s webpage where housing complaints can be submitted.

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