Home Invasion Was ‘Worst of the Worst'

Female robber gets maximum sentence of 19 years.

The woman who accompanied her boyfriend during a home-invasion robbery in Redwood Village was given the maximum sentence of 19 years and four months in prison, on Friday.

In December, Vanna Chheun, 31, was convicted of robbery, burglary, making a criminal threat and assault with caustic chemicals.

"As robberies go this case is the worst of the worst," said Superior Court Judge Charles Rogers, as he read Chhuen's sentence.

The judge called it a cruel and callous, said Prosecutor Rachel Cano.

During the October 2008 robbery, Chheun and two others, including Chheun's boyfriend Kevin Keith Sellers, tied up five victims, doused them in lighter fluid and threatened to set them ablaze.

Sellers, 31, was convicted of robbery, burglary, assault, forcible rape and forcible rape in concert. Police found a used condom with DNA from both Seller's and the victim on it during his arrest.

Sellers will be sentenced August 27. He faces a maximum of 71 years to life in prison.

The victims were not in court during the sentencing, Cano said they feared retaliation from Chheun's family.

The third suspect, Tommy Nguyen, is still wanted by police.

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