Homeowners Receive Free Installation of Solar Panels

Local officials joined a San Diego family as they celebrated the free installation of solar panels on their home, provided thanks to a special local partnership.

San Diego-based One Roof Energy touts itself as one of the nation’s fastest-growing solar finance providers.

CEO David Field partners with nonprofit GRID Alternatives and Hanwha SolarOne to bring solar power to San Diego family, helping them save an estimated $436.26 in a year.

The partnership arranged for the free installation at the Saldana home on Grape Street which was completed Thursday.

Paul Cleary, Regional Director of GRID Alternatives, a non-profit solar contractor described the event as a 21st century barn-raising.

“They will also become our solar champions, they tell their neighbors, they tell their friends,” Cleary said. “The word spreads and the snowball grows and pretty soon we have entire neighborhoods going solar.”

Supervisor Ron Roberts was on hand to help flip the switch and said events like this one is good news for all of San Diego County.

“These houses were never designed for solar when they were originally built, nobody was thinking solar. Now you’re seeing the most advanced systems being added,” Roberts said.

“Every one of these makes a difference,” he said.

Last year third-party owned solar generated more than $900 million to the California economy according to One Roof Energy. The company says it has created more than 60 direct green jobs in the local community.

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