Women's Custom Door A Reminder to Triple Check Measurements When Remodeling

Diane Dameron ordered a custom-made door for her home’s remodel, but when it arrives and doesn’t fit the door frame, the store refuses to issue a refund.

Diane Dameron has plywood covering the wall that should be filled with a sliding door. 

“It feels claustrophobic, to tell you the truth,” Diane said. 

Diane is selling her Coronado Townhome and wanted to put in a new custom sliding door. She went to her local Home Depot store where an employee entered the numbers into a computer with measurements from Diane’s notes. 

“He typed everything in, he took the measurements, he (spoke) with my two contractors and asked for verification that the information was correct,” Diane said. 

Diane signed the order form that stated custom orders could not be returned and paid $2,500. But, when the door arrived, things weren’t looking good. 

“It wouldn’t fit in the frame of the door, it was too big,” Diane said. 

After looking over the order form, Diane found one of the measurements typed on the form was different than the original measurement, something Diane said she hadn’t caught before. When Diane spoke with a Home Depot Supervisor, she said the store refused to take the door back. 

Diane reached out to NBC 7 Responds and we began to look over the contract and order form Diane filled out. 

That’s when we found something else on that contract, Diane ordered a door that would slide from right to left but the door that arrived slid from left to right. 

NBC 7 Responds reached out to Home Depot’s Corporate Headquarters and they promised they would take a second look at the order. A few days later, Diane received a call from her local store. 

She said, the fact that the door opened the wrong way was enough to convince Home Depot to give her a refund. 

“The management did apologize,” Diane said while showing off her new patio door. 

Now, Diane’s former wall of plywood is replaced with a sparkling new glass door. 

In a statement, a representative with Home Depot Public Affairs said, “We’re very sorry for the misunderstanding with Ms. Dameron’s door order and we’re glad we could make it right.”

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