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At the Target in Mission Valley, parking lots were packed Monday night

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As we get closer to Christmas at home COVID-19 tests are on everyone's shopping list, but many are coming up short. They seem to be flying off store shelves at major retailers.

At the Target in Mission Valley, parking lots were packed Monday night, scrambling for that hot ticket item as expected in the lead up to Christmas. This year’s item being an at-home COVID-19 test was less expected.

Irving Pineda had just taken an at home test before he visits with family, like so many others hope to do.

“I actually got mine online because they're impossible to find in stores,” said Pineda. “We wanted to be safe especially for the holidays. Make sure things are up to par, especially with omicron running rampant.”

He told NBC 7 he ordered a test from Amazon and had to wait a month for it to arrive.

“Since we were clear, it’s good now. But yeah it’s impossible to get those tests right now,” said Pineda.

Luckily, Salvador Zavala didn’t have to look for a kit because he already has a few. San Diego Unified School District sent them home with his kids.

"I thought it was a little bit too much. Personally, I feel like you know we’re vaccinated. We’re doing our part. What’s the reason to get vaccinated if we are still gonna continue to live this way?” said Zavala. “People should be shopping for gifts not for Covid tests you know.”

The scramble to find a test reminds Ashley Peters of times early on in the pandemic.

“Yeah like hand sanitizer, just like all the essentials. People like running around trying to find toilet paper. I bet a lot of people feel that way right now if they’re really desperate to get a test,” said Peters.

She was hoping to pick up a test before she travels in a few days.

“So today I stopped by CVS and Rite Aid to try and find a Covid test and both were out. So they said to check back tomorrow because their shipments were coming in. And actually I just didn’t try here because I figured that they’re out,” said Peters.

San Diego County Health officials said their test sites are also seeing longer lines as we get closer to the holiday.

Perhaps it’s sign that we all want to do what we can to be with our loved ones.

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