Hollywood Comes to San Diego

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Superstars descended on San Diego for the world premier of the western and science fiction movie Cowboys and Aliens. It was the first world premier of a film for Comic-Con and a rare event for America's Finest City.

The courtyard of the Civic Theater was blanketed with Red Carpet and celebrities like Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig of James Bond fame and Olivia Wilde circled the media in a merry-go-round.

It was an event that delighted San Diegans. "I usually have to go to L.A. but it's really exciting to see a little Hollywood in San Diego," said Karina Perez from Chula Vista.

"For us to get something like this is really cool. It gives us a chance to really check it out and kinda see the movie magic," said Eric Williford of Carlsbad.

But for the movie's creators, holding the premier in San Diego was important.

"We met (Director) Jon Favreau here at Comic-Con a few years ago," said writer and producer Roberto Orci. "So we literally pitched it to him here...it was born here...and to premier here felt like the right thing."

Director Jon Favreau expressed his gratitude for San Diego attributing much of his directing career began here, starting with Iron Man. "The first time we showed footage was here. And that's when the movie gained momentum. Then Iron Man 2, Comboys and Aliens. That's why we wanted to bring the premier here. We wanted to give back to the fans," he said.

For actor Clancy Brown who played in Highlander and Shawshank Redemption, a premier in San Diego was long overdue. "I know there was some noise about it coming to L.A. last year, which I'm so glad it didn't. It's got to stay here because it won't be Comic-Con if it isn't," he said.

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