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Gyms Busting Guts for Holiday Season

People could gain up to 12 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas



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    Feeling the need to work out a little extra this holiday season?

    That might be because gyms across San Diego are encouraging people stay in shape -- especially during the time of year when there is an abundance of sweet treats.

    “A person could gain up to 12 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas,” said Jaylin Allen, president of Bootique Fitness in San Diego.

    Allen’s boot camp trainers are challenging clients to attend frequently in order to keep holiday pounds at bay. Bootique is also offering additional classes on the weekends to inspire people to work out more.

    “We do a bunch of extra motivating factors,” she said.  “There’s still a spark during the holiday season for people to stay healthy.”

    Other facilities around San Diego are taking a similar pledge against holiday poundage.

    Gym giant 24 Hour Fitness created a Holiday Fitness Center online, where people can see what type of exercises to do after eating certain holiday dishes. Consuming a slice of pecan pie means one has to burn off 500 calories, making people think twice before taking a bite of grandma’s Christmas favorite.

    Elite gym Fit Athletic in downtown San Diego has a 21-day challenge that mixes portion-controlled meals with workouts to keep calorie counters at peace.

    “We do 21 days because that’s how long it takes to create a habit,” said Fit Pilates director Sarah Krencicki. “There’s definitely a movement toward moderation this year.”

    Mission Valley’s Chuze Fitness general manager Chris Tate said people started to get their sweat on even before the holiday rush.

    “The morning of Thanksgiving there was a huge turnout of people,” he said.

    People throughout San Diego also participated in Thanksgiving 5Ks and walk-a-thons before indulging in a meal laden with calories.

    Memberships have been going up consistently at Chuze since last week, according to Tate. He said it is relatively inexpensive compared to other gyms, and at roughly $10 per month people are able to afford fitness plans despite the gloomy economy.

    Bootique’s president chalked up the influx of people working out this holiday season to the increased awareness of staying healthy.

    “You don’t want to dive off the deep end,” Allen said.

    Regardless, she is anticipates plenty of people to start a workout regimen following the New Year. 

    But for the time being, gyms might be more crowded than usual this holiday season.

    “I think a lot of people realize the New Year’s resolution is a cliché,” Tate said. “They want to get a head start.”

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