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Holiday Weekend Sees Travel Woes Return at San Diego International Airport

Weather and staffing shortages popping up all over the country are to blame, said Doug Shupe with the AAA

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Flight delays and cancellations mounted on this year's Juneteenth and Father’s Day holiday weekend.

According to FlightAware there were more than 5,800 delays within the U.S. on Sunday and over 900 cancellations.

The travel woes came as the summer travel season is heating up.

According to TSA, more than 2.4 million people passed through security checkpoints on Friday and over 2.1 million people on Saturday.

The flight disruptions are due to many reasons which airlines are navigating through.

“The main reason why we're hearing about these delays is both weather as well as staffing shortages within airlines that's popping up all across the country. It's leading to the cancellations and delays of flights,” AAA Spokesperson Doug Shupe said.

The frustration is mounting amongst some passengers.

“Coming in we were delayed, and I don’t know what is going on, going out. We don’t even have a gate number at this point,” Haven Prescott said.

Some travelers at San Diego International were left searching for a rental car to proceed on their travel journey.

“Our first flight went through just fine from Boise to Salt Lake City but while we were on the plane, not even taken off, we learned that our second flight had gotten cancelled. After that it kind of just snowballed and we had to find other ways to get down to Palm Springs and now we are here in San Diego. Now we have to drive a couple of hours, then on top of that we have been waiting about 30 minutes because three of our bags did not get on the plane and now, we have one bag still missing,” Traveler Bennett Chadwick said.

Many airlines like JetBlue and Delta Air Lines will be trimming their schedules heading into the summer to ease delays and cancellations in part because of staffing shortages.

Delta announced they will be cutting 100 daily flights from the U.S. and Latin America affecting travel from July 1 to August 7.

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