Dorian Hargrove

Better Business Bureau Warns of Holiday Job Hiring Scams

The Better Business Bureau said it has seen a spike in holiday job scams

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes part-time job opportunities for those looking for some extra cash.

But prospective employees aren't the only ones finding opportunities during the holiday job rush. Scammers are, too.

“This is a very unique situation in which both the business and the applicant are affected by this scam,” said Paula Fleming from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The scam invovles dishonest people who pose as representatives from well-known companies while using company logos and contact potential applicants.

The scammers then tell the applicants that they have been hired and in order to finalize the hiring process must provide their personal financial information, as well as other information in order for the company to conduct background checks or to sign them up for direct deposit.

Last year, the BBB said it found more than 3,000 online recruiting scams.

In response the BBB's warning, some companies are offering advice for would-be job hunters.

“Whether you are someone who is seeking talented employees or whether you are looking for a well-known business, you have to, on both sides, protect yourself,” added Fleming.

To do so, the BBB suggests going to the company’s website to see if the job posting is legitimate. If that doesn’t work, then call the company. Lastly, double check the recruiter’s email address to make sure it is the same domain name. You can also search the recruiter’s name on LinkedIn and other social media websites to ensure the person works for that company.

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