Mistaken Identity: Witness Claims She Was Target in Doctor's Killing

Dr. Alma Angelica Ciani González was shot and killed in her office on July 3

NBC 7 has learned a physician shot and killed in her office in Tijuana, Mexico, was not the killer's intended victim. The killing may be a case of mistaken identity.

Dr. Alma Angelica Ciani González was shot and killed in her office on July 3.

Now, a colleague of the doctor is saying she was the intended target of the killer, not Ciani.

Telemundo 20 sat down with Dr. María Isabel González at an undisclosed location Thursday evening.

María Isabel González had her psychology office one floor below the office where the shooting took place. She told Telemundo 20 the man accused in the killing called her, posing as a patient, and asked for an appointment. 

The man did not arrive at her office but went one floor upstairs to the office of Dr. Alma Angelica Ciani González. 

Ciani was shot twice in the heart, family members said. 

Officials with the State Attorney General's Office in Mexico have detained David "N" as alleged material author of Ciani's death. Officials also say they have determined the July 3 shooting was a mistake.

A phone left at the crime scene led to the arrest of the suspect and the unraveling of the plot, González said.

She also has received numerous death threats, evidence she says that the people who hired Ciani's killer still want to see her dead.

Advised by a lawyer, she has already gone to the Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado de Baja California (PGJE) to tell them who she believes is responsible. No one has been arrested.

González says she has been unable to sleep because no one has been able to protect her from the people who want to kill her.

Because she still feels threatened, González left Tijuana to live elsewhere with her teenage son.

Telemundo 20 contacted the PGJE about the complaint and has not yet received a response.

In the days after Ciani's killing, her brother, Odin Ciani, spoke about the case. He works as a sports announcer for ESPN and is well-known throughout Mexico.

“My sister was a good woman,” Ciani told Telemundo 20 in Spanish. “She was a doctor. She had no conflicts with anyone."

Although he says he is satisfied with the capture of the alleged killer, Ciani said in the July 17 interview that the case was not closed.

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