Historic Escondido Roller Rink May be Demolished

The Ups-N-Downs roller rink opened in 1952

There’s probably a pun in the likely demolishing in the historic Ups-N-Downs roller rink in Escondido, but I’ll spare you.

The building was constructed in 1950 and the rink opened in 1952. Now, after decades of couples’ skates, disco, birthday parties and probably a lot of the chicken dances, the once popular spot is now vacant. 

The building on North Broadway and East Mission Avenue has stood empty for the last four years, and the place which once attracted families is now frequented by the homeless.

“There is a couple of homeless people,” Escondido resident Yesenia Gonzalez told NBC 7. “I have seen people go in there, so I know that law enforcement has to go in there often.”

Before it closed, the venue was more recently used for special events.

The city has given people living there notice that they intend to demolish the rink, and Gonzalez is just one of many people who say it’s sad to see the nostalgic rink may be torn down.

“It's something to do on a Friday night that is safe, first of all, for people that are still younger,

under 18 or under 21,” Gonzalez said. “It's something fun to do, instead of being out on the street doing something else.”

The decision to tear down the rink is not final yet. People living there can appeal the decision and request a public hearing, but they have to act fast – the city has set an April 16 deadline.

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