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Hillcrest Doctor Accused of Using Dirty Needles on Children

A San Diego doctor is accused of using dirty needles on children, according to a recent California Medical Board complaint.

The complaint alleges that in 2016, Doctor Bret Gerber brought two boxes of expired syringes and needles from home into Scripps Coastal Medical Center in Hillcrest where he worked.

A medical assistant looked inside the boxes and found dead insects and rodent droppings, according to the complaint. The medical assistant claims the needles inside had been used on children.

“When it was discovered that he had brought in non-standard needles from home, a full investigation and disciplinary actions were taken, which included removing him from patient care… Affected patients who were identified were appropriately monitored after the incident, and no health issues were detected,” Scripps Health said in a statement.

The California Medical Board says a hearing will be held to determine what action to take next.

No other information was available.

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