Hillcrest Bakery Raises Over $15K for Ukraine

Seeing her family and friends suffer, Daria Nadar knew she couldn't just sit idly by

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Tucked inside Pappalecco in Hillcrest you’ll find Oh My Cake. It’s only a few months old, but it’s already making a huge impact.

Daria Nadar, the shop's owner is from Ukraine. She moved to the U.S. six years ago for college, but the rest of her family stayed behind. 

Seeing her family and friends suffer, Nadar knew she couldn't just sit idly by.

“I’m just mentally broken, but they are losing their homes, their lives,” said Nadar. “It’s not the time to cry about it, it’s the time to do something.”

And she did.

Knowing that she had a business that could provide both financial support and raise awareness, Nadar began raising funds for Ukraine, donating 25% of her profits to help those in her home country.

“I've received like a crazy amount of support from the community,” said Nadar. “To be honest, I expected support, but I did not expect that much, at all.”

Within the last few weeks, Nadar has raised over $15,000, and $5,000 was donated today by one customer alone.

Her efforts have been recognized by the California Assembly who sent the bakery a certificate of recognition that read in part:

“Thank you for your dedication, humanitarianism, and continued service to our Ukrainian friends and allies.”

“I do this because it's my life, it's my home country like I’m from there,” said Nadar. “Watching my country being bombed and my people being killed it's like they’re my whole family now.”

Nadar says she will continue to bake and donate as long as the help is needed.

“Our people are really patriotic, so they want to go back, they don't want to go anywhere else. So, we’re going to work on restoring and reviving our country.”

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