La Jolla Family Reacts to Milestone Set by Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton wins Democratic primary in California on Tuesday

Hillary Clinton’s history-making run for the presidency comes 100 years after the first woman was elected to Congress, and 35 years after the first woman would sit on the Supreme Court.

One La Jolla family shared their thoughts on the strides women have made over the last three generations.

NBC 7 met 8th grader Amalia Parzen outside Muirlands Middle School in La Jolla Wednesday, alongside her mother Diane Sherman, and her paternal grandmother Judy Parzen.

Judy Parzen called Hillary Clinton’s historic moment “earth shattering,” remembering when she was a child the only options for women at Halloween were to dress up as a nurse, teacher or princess.

“We’ve come so far,” Judy says. “It’s really exciting and exciting for my granddaughters.”

Judy’s granddaughter Amalia agrees. She told us that this election makes her feel like there’s more opportunity for women who want to be professionals. Amalia’s dream is to become a surgeon.

“I’m really impressed with the improvement the nation has made over the past 20 years,” Amalia said. “There are a lot of changes being made that are positive.”

Diane told us that although she is amazed and excited that a woman could be running for President, it’s upsetting that it hasn’t happened already. Diane thinks Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democratic nominee means women will feel like they can strive for the top positions in the world.

“Now, there are no boundaries for women.” 

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